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Revelectrik is pioneering the electric vehicle (EV) revolution with a mission to sustainably power the future through our groundbreaking two-kWh Solar Energy Collection and Charging System, designed for electric school buses and commercial vehicles. Facing the dual challenge of energy reliability and grid strain, our solution leverages solar power not just to fuel vehicles but also to support the grid during peak times, thanks to our innovative Solar Energy Management Controller (SEMC) and advanced cloud-based telematics unit. Developed in collaboration with Phoenix Motorcars, Fermata Energy, and Left Coast Engineering, our system demonstrates a significant reduction in energy loss and operational costs, offering a savings of $2780 per vehicle annually and generating 3.65 Megawatts of energy. As we aim to transition from prototype to production, Revelectrik invites visionary investors and technological partners to join us in setting a new industry standard for sustainability and efficiency, driving towards a more electrically powered future.

Revelectrik is Revolutionalizing the future of Electric Transportation

Executive Team
  • Subhasis Behera
    CEO and Chief Engineer
    Subhasis Behera, a seasoned engineer with 15 years of experience in the Automotive industry, possesses extensive expertise in the Electric Vehicle (EV) domain. With specialization in embedded software development, Vehicle Software integration, Battery Management System development, and Hardware in Loop system development. In our SBIR grant application, Subhasis will assume the role of team leader, providing technical leadership throughout the project. Additionally, he will spearhead the commercial activities associated with the initiative. Subhasis is the system architect of the proposal as well as the lead control system/software developer in this project. He has prior experience in developing similar systems which include battery pack integration with the EV powertrain, CHAdeMO Fast charging protocol implementation, Motor/Inverter integration, Battery Management system development, battery pack development.
  • Russ Zuger
    Senior Vice President of Business Development and Partnership
    Russ Zuger is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer boasting over 30 years of expertise in the automotive sector, encompassing the heavy-duty trucking industry. With an emphasis on both people and products, Russ is dedicated to delivering top quality and utmost safety. Russ has been at the forefront of various projects and has guided teams across hardware, software, technical marketing, and business development. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and simulation systems, he strategically meets customer project goals and cultivates trust through honesty and fairness.
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