Project Overview
Revelectrik - Powering the Future of Electric Mobility
Welcome to Revelectrik, where innovation meets sustainability at the crossroads of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Subhasis Behera, our mission is to sustainably power the future of transportation. At Revelectrik, we're proud to introduce our groundbreaking initiative: the two-kWh Solar Energy Collection and Charging System, designed specifically for electric school buses and commercial fleets.
Challenge and Solution
The transition to electric vehicles is imperative for a sustainable future, yet it presents challenges such as energy reliability and the potential strain on our power grids. For electric fleets, particularly school buses, ensuring uninterrupted service without burdening the energy infrastructure is a paramount concern. Revelectrik addresses this challenge head-on with a solution as reliable as sunlight. Our pioneering system harnesses solar power to energize vehicles and, through our Solar Energy Management Controller (SEMC) coupled with advanced cloud-based telematics, supports the grid by providing energy during peak demand.
Innovative Technology
Our system is powered by a patented electrical component that is a game-changer in power conversion efficiency, combining an MPPT controller with an LLC resonant converter to optimize solar energy usage and minimize loss. This innovation, realized in collaboration with industry leaders Phoenix Motorcars, Fermata Energy, and Left Coast Engineering, has moved beyond the conceptual to offer a tangible, effective solution to a pressing issue.
Economic and Environmental Impact
Our system is not only a leap towards cleaner transportation but also a cost-saving marvel, poised to save $2780 per vehicle each year while generating 3.65 Megawatts of clean energy. As the EV market grows, Revelectrik aims to set a new standard, transforming vehicles into mobile power hubs with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities, thus offering unprecedented support to the energy grid.
Join the Revolution
Revelectrik is on a journey from prototype to production, aiming to exceed "Buy America" standards and redefine sustainability and efficiency in the EV sector. We invite forward-thinkers, investors, and technology partners to join us in this venture. Your support will not only help bring this transformative technology to market but also contribute to a movement towards a greener, electrically powered future.

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